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Summer Fun On the Move!

Sports, games and crafts for children and families

We're taking the summer fun out to the community!

Bethel's Summer Staff will be out in the Sherwood Park community at various locations throughout the summer when VBS is not running. Through sport, games and crafts, they hope to build relationships with those in our community and share Jesus' love. 

June 22   2:00-5:00 pm   Cloverbar Ranch Park
July 11    4:00-7:30 pm   Ardrossan Spray Park
July 12    4:00-7:00 pm   BMX Park
July 14    2:00-5:00 pm   Broadmoor Lake Spray Park
July 26    2:00-5:00 pm   Cloverbar Ranch Park
July 27    TBA                  Timbits at Sherwood Park Transit Locations
July 27    TBA                  Roses at Grocery Store Locations
July 28    5:00-8:00 pm   BMX Park and Millennium Field

August 17    4:00-7:30 pm     Ardrossan Spray Park
August 18    2:00-5:00 pm     Broadmoor Lake Spray Park

For more info contact:

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