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Life is built and birthed through connections. This is evident everywhere and all the time. Jesus said,
“I am the Vine; you are the branches.” Our connection to him is meant to deliver connection with others. 

As members at Bethel we invite you to use our online program - BETHEL CONNECT. This page contains a number of different opportunities designed to help you best utilize this online tool. From managing your demographic information to find small groups and service opportunities, BETHEL CONNECT helps you stay in touch!

Contact the office if you don't have a login OR CLICK TO REQUEST an account! PLEASE take some time to either watch our detailed "CONNECT WEBINAR" or the smaller training nuggets located on this page. They are designed to help you navigate and get the MOST out of this platform

OUR APP is SMART MOBILE aware and sizes great on mobile devices! 

This detailed "WEBINAR" style video takes you through all the basics. Join Tom as he reviews what Bethel Connect is for to how you can login, edit you and your family's profile, change your security settings and interact with SERVING opportunities!  This 40 minute training is detailed but takes you carefully through the features - there are CHAPTER HEADINGS to help you navigate if you wish to skip ahead or review! For those who wish a quicker look at specific functions - check out the TRAINING NUGGETS below!

Connect Training Nuggets - QUICK VIDEOS help to get you CONNECTED in a hurry!
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