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Please take a moment to review this page to help your registration experience go smoothly.  WE WILL OPEN REGISTRATION MARCH 1, 2023


You can complete your registration and PAYMENT all in one application. Bethel uses a secure app called "ChurchCenter" to do our event registration management and payment. When you click register below you will be redirected to our secure registration site. 

  1. You will begin by typing the email address that will be associated with your registrations - if you are new to our system it will also ask you for your FIRST/LAST name. If you registered last year the system will send you a login link to your email and you should be in your account from last year. Please review your address information to ensure it's correct!

  2. Then follow the prompts to add all the participants for this program (either in or outside your household!) VOLUNTEERS are a participant type - if you are also volunteering in addition to registering your kids add yourself!

  3. Once you have created potential registrants, you will select their registration type (what program you are selecting AM/PM,  ALL DAY or Volunteer position)

  4. You will be prompted for registration information for each camper

  5. PAYMENT - you can choose to pay online, or come into the office and pay by cheque or cash (card processing is NOT available in the office)


You will receive an email confirming your registration and payment (if you pay online)


Your email will contain a link where you can manage your registration online or you can click HERE to return to our event management system.

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